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We help you design and build your home. Finally, you got the house, and now it's time to design and renovate. We start and finish the project together in order to achieve your wishes and get the home you deserve. 

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Deciding to work with an interior designer

There are a few questions you could ask yourself in order to understand if an interior designer can help build the home you deserve. Do you want to have a complete renovation in your house, but don't know where or how to start? Do you need assistance to complete the renovation to all your wishes without any worries and stress? Are your answers to both questions yes?

Then Calidad Studio can help you. We can give you the enjoyable process of renovation the house that you deserve.

Before making any decisions, we will start with a 30 minute online conversation where we get to know each other. In this conversation, you can also ask us any question you would like to know. The meaning of this conversation is for you to understand the possibilities. We will tell you more about what to be expected during the process. Then we both can decide if we are the right fit to help you design your home. Our styles do have to match in order to achieve the perfect house. 

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When you will work together with an interior designer



To know what you are capable of achieving, is first to go back to the start and experience the process yourself. This is the first step you take before you can help someone else, especially if you want to help others with one of your core values; quality. This is what Calidad Studio has done.

It all started when a house in Haarlem was bought. It was an old house, however it did not look that old, because it was covered with paint and a good floor. Anyway, we decided to renovate it completely and we were right it was old. More and more needed to be renovated. However we wanted to give the house the design it deserved.  

So we took everything out, there were only three walls left. It all started with the plan, what is the plan for the house? What is it that we want to achieve? What are we looking for in this house for us? And what will make us happy in this house?

Then it all started, the moodboards, the floorplans, the colorscheme and so on. 20m2 was added downstairs, we needed steal beams, on we went to the architect for the calculations and then the building started. The process of the contractor, the build itself. Everyday we saw our plan coming to live more and more. It was so exciting! However also exausthing . You enjoy the process less, you have to worry about if it all goes well, you see all the builders just building, 

but it is your home. You want to take care of it. The process was big, and the joy got lost. In that moment Calidad Studio was developed.

Whoever is renovating their home deserves to enjoy the process and not to worry and not to forget to order something and not get it on time. It should be care free, enjoyable and most of all looking forward to entering your home when it is all finished, exactly the way you imaged it. This is what Calidad Studio brings to you. 

An enjoyable experience of renovating your home and once you enter again, at the end, you don't want to leave and it feels exactly the way it should. Like wearing the perfect jeans.